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“I am feeling really good and have been sticking to the personalized diet. I am down 18 lbs. from last December. My energy levels are good and I have so much less anxiety. I can’t thank you enough!”

Beth, Ambler, PA


“I am doing well with the gluten free diet. My gastrointestinal symptoms have improved and I have been able to leave the house and attend soccer games with the family. I was able to reduce my dose of medication to a maintenance dose and discontinue prednisone after being unable to taper off for 15 months. I am doing very well. I recently did some labs at Mayo Clinic, and they are much better. My labs are down to a normal level!”

Jacob, Green Love Springs, FL


“Thank you for reviewing my results and helping me understand them. Also, I have been taking the supplements and seeing results. I’m so glad I’m not on medication as this seems to be just enough.”

Marylynn, Upper Holland, PA


“The results were more than I hoped for! My OBGYN, who has been trying to get me to take the bisphosphonates for about 7 years, finally admitted my bones could be improved without the medication. He said he did NOT want me to take medication because what I was doing was working so incredibly well! He admitted that Fosamax boasts a 6-8% increase in bone after 3 years, and my increase was 11.7% in one category after only 6 months! I am so very grateful to you, Dr. J.! I’m sure you will not be surprised, but over the years I have had 3 endocrinologists who had NIH grants tell me that exercise and nutrition would not help at all! Again, my most sincere and profound thanks.”

Patricia, Fairfield, CT


“My husband and I have been working with Dr J for a little over a year and I have to say that we both see a huge improvement in our overall health and quality of life. Dr J takes the time to get all the necessary medical records first. He will not discuss anything with you until he knows exactly what is going on. At first, the change was very difficult but as the time went by, it became much easier to embrace all the good things in life. We both lost over 35 lbs combined without any effort, just stick to the plan and do not eat the foods that your body is reacting to. This was major for us. When I had an issue with a cardiologist, Dr J saw that I was really stressed and he took the time to go over the results and make appropriate recommendations. He does not guess on anything, everything is justified and backed by lab work. I know for certain, that if you want your life to change to become healthier and happier person, he is definitely a person to turn to. We are very happy we did.”

Raisa, Huntingdon Valley, PA

Matt's photo

“I have been a patient of Dr. Jurgelwicz for the past 4 years and I can say without question that he is the most knowledgeable functional practitioner I have met. His holistic approach to health issues covers a wide range of modalities that seek to uncover what the root cause of health issues. He has certainly been a tremendous help for me. Of course, it is always up to the individual to be pro-active to achieve positive change, however, Dr. Jurgelwicz (Dr. J), provides the insights and the tools necessary to help reach those goals. When you speak with him, you can sense that he truly does care about the patient and wants to see positive health changes. In summary, if you are not reaching your health goals, I would highly encourage you to contact Dr. J….certainly glad I did!”

Matt, Newtown, PA

Liz's photo

“Dr. Michael Jurgelewicz takes his time and has a very comprehensive approach to helping you achieve optimal health. I have autoimmune diseases and chronic pain conditions. After years of seeing all types of doctors, taking tons of medicine, infusions, etc…I finally had enough and about a year ago started seeing Dr. Jurgelewicz. He focused on me as a whole, so instead of treating the disease or a symptom of it (as all my other physicians had done for years), his approach was to take inventory of my whole body to see where i had deficiencies and got at what things were causing inflammation in my body. I’m happy to say that after a year I am on half of the medicine that I used to take and no longer take any infusion medicine! It is definitely worth your time to see what he can do for you!”

Liz, Huntingdon Valley, PA

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“I saw Dr. Jurgelewicz for an autoimmune condition. I was experiencing severe pain and swelling multiple joints. All of my labs suggested that I had the early stages of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since I work in a hospital and have the knowledge of many medications and their side effects, I was looking for an alternative solution. I also wanted to determine the underlying cause of my autoimmune response and did not want to simple suppress it. Dr. Jurgelewicz found that I had a severe food sensitivity to eggs and gluten and several nutritional imbalances. I removed these food from my diet and followed Dr. Jurgelewicz’s nutritional recommendations. I went for a follow-up with a Rheumatologist 2 months later. At that time I was asymptomatic and all my inflammatory markers that were severely elevated returned to normal. The Doctor said he has never seen this before. I went for a second opinion by another Rheumatologist at Hahnemann hospital and he couldn’t explain my remission much either. I had a 6 month follow-up and now it has been 9 months and I remain in remission and symptom free thanks to the functional medicine approach with Dr. Jurgelewicz.”

Ed, Southampton, PA

Pat's photo

“I suffered with IBS for 10 years and as my IBS worsened, I became housebound the last 2 years. Every doctor I visited said there was nothing that could be done. I was desperate. Then I found Bucks County Center for Functional Medicine. Through blood work and stool diagnostic tests, Dr. J was able to manage my IBS. I’ve been symptom-free for almost 18 months. Thank you Dr. J for giving me my life back – you will always be my hero.”

Pat, Yardley, PA


“I’m really thankful that I found Dr. J, he is a great doctor. When he first called me, he went over everything with me, making sure he knows all my history. He is very knowledgeable and gave me hope that my issue with sleep will resolve. He helped me tremendously. I highly recommend Dr. J.”

Marina, Huntingdon Valley, PA


“I am thankful for Dr J’s knowledge on thyroid and autoimmune issues as well as whole body health. He has helped me through a number of issues over the years and I’m grateful for his care and wisdom.”

Jennifer, Red Hill, PA


“I have worked with Dr. J for years via remote consults. He is patient, thorough, and has helped me manage my autoimmune disease and related issues. Highly recommend him!”

Angela, Ardmore, PA

Note: Some names and photos of our clients have been changed to protect their privacy

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