February 2, 2023


Break free from the standard approach of drugs and protocol driven treatments

What my patients are saying about their treatment:

Dr. Michael Jurgelewicz takes his time and has a very comprehensive approach to helping you achieve optimal health. I have autoimmune diseases and chronic pain conditions. After years of seeing all types of doctors, taking tons of medicine, infusions, etc…I finally had enough and about a year ago started seeing Dr. Jurgelewicz. He focused on me as a whole, so instead of treating the disease or a symptom of it (as all my other physicians had done for years), his approach was to take inventory of my whole body to see where i had deficiencies and got at what things were causing inflammation in my body. I’m happy to say that after a year I am on half of the medicine that I used to take and no longer take any infusion medicine! It is definitely worth your time to see what he can do for you!

– Liz, Philadelphia, PA

I saw Dr. Jurgelewicz for an autoimmune condition. I was experiencing severe pain and swelling multiple joints. All of my labs suggested that I had the early stages of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since I work in a hospital and have the knowledge of many medications and their side effects, I was looking for an alternative solution. I also wanted to determine the underlying cause of my autoimmune response and did not want to simple suppress it. Dr. Jurgelewicz found that I had a severe food sensitivity to eggs and gluten and several nutritional imbalances. I removed these food from my diet and followed Dr. Jurgelewicz’s nutritional recommendations. I went for a follow-up with a Rheumatologist 2 months later. At that time I was asymptomatic and all my inflammatory markers that were severely elevated returned to normal. The Doctor said he has never seen this before. I went for a second opinion by another Rheumatologist at Hahnemann hospital and he couldn’t explain my remission much either. I had a 6 month follow-up and now it has been 9 months and I remain in remission and symptom free thanks to the functional medicine approach with Dr. Jurgelewicz.

– Ed, Southampton, PA

I suffered with IBS for 10 years and as my IBS worsened, I became housebound the last 2 years. Every doctor I visited said there was nothing that could be done. I was desperate. Then I found Bucks County Center for Functional Medicine. Through blood work and stool diagnostic tests, Dr. J was able to manage my IBS. I’ve been symptom-free for almost 18 months. Thank you Dr. J for giving me my life back – you will always be my hero.

– Pat, Yardley, PA