Dr. Jurgelewicz uses a variety of tools to help you get to the root cause of symptoms. He dives deep into identifying the reasons for your health concerns, listening, and spending time with you, so you can optimize your health.

If you are new to Functional Medicine, you can expect your consultations to be significantly longer than your traditional healthcare visits. This extra time allows Dr. J to perform a comprehensive review of your health history as well as the environmental, dietary, lifestyle, and social aspects of your life. He will review all of this information to identify the potential underlying contributing factors of your health status.

Functional medicine asks different questions that traditional medicine:

  • How do we optimize function?
  • How do we create health?
  • How do we reverse dysfunction?

Our bodies were designed to heal ourselves. We just need to activate it by addressing the dysfunction and provide the body what it needs to optimally function.

Dr. J will use the following tools using science to your optimize your health and get to the root cause of your symptoms:

  • Laboratory evaluation
  • A customized nutritional plan
  • Nutritional therapeutics
  • Lifestyle recommendations (ie. sleep, exercise, and stress management)

Please note: Dr. J’s consultations are part of an integrative approach to your health. He is an alternative doctor does not act as your primary care doctor, and can not prescribe any medication for you.

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