Most people will find that liquid supplements and shakes taste great. It definitely may give better compliance. Many people look forward to the taste of liquid supplements, especially children. 

There is reason to believe it is more than the good flavor that prompts them. The chemistry of tasting actually plays a critical role in full ingestion. Tasting activates nutrient pathways and targets areas so that what is ingested, better arrives to be more fully utilized. For example, patients found to be wasting were put on quality protein drinks which were passed into the stomach via food tube and yet they demonstrated to have about only 30% utilization. However, when the same drink is first tasted and then fed into the food tube, there is nearly 100% utilization This is most easily demonstrated by the regaining of body weight and of health. Are there specific energetic pathways illuminated through out the system via taste that properly direct nutrients to all target areas which most likely also have been activated to attract them? Or if you really want to take a quantum leap, is the whole system holographic, taste bud activated?

Nutrition gurus have continually stressed the clinical importance of briefly tasting all supplements and by doing so could demonstrate the immediate awakening of the system observed in a strengthening of the system. The liquid form maximizes the chance for everything in it to be tasted to better ensure optimal nutrition. Full tasting results in the subtle awakening of the wellbeing that comes from being fully nourished. 

Liquid supplements and shakes that provide highly bioavailable nutrients touch every critical taste area in the mouth to easily activate all of the switches. In a matter of milliseconds, it tells the whole system that much of what it needs but doesn’t get in today’s food is finally in the system.


John J. Rosenbaum, Biotics Research Corporation Mid-Atlantic

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