Most people take prescription and over-the-counter drugs under a false veil of safety. Because they are FDA-approved and often taken with a doctor’s seal of approval, it’s easy to believe they could do no harm.

In reality, however, medications always pose risks of side effects, even when taken correctly, and there are a concerning number of product recalls and safety alerts that occur after drugs have already hit the market … and been taken by millions of innocent consumers.

If you want to achieve optimal health, you have to address the underlying cause. It can be a structural problem, diet and/or nutrient deficiencies, allergies or sensitivities, toxicities, or emotional stress. All of these are cumulative and have a negative impact on your state of health.

Due to advances in laboratory testing methods, we are able to test for all of these potential causes. I use several labs such as, Quest, LabCorp, Metametrix, Diagnos-Techs, and Cyrex Labs. Metametrix ( Clinical Laboratory offers many profiles such as, a cardiovascular health risk profile, nutritional and heavy metal testing, food sensitivity testing, gastrointestinal functional profiles, adrenal stress testing, and endocrine testing just to name a few. Diagnos-Techs has been a pioneer and leader in salivary hormone testing the past 25 years, and Cyrex labs has developed the lastest testing for evaluation of complex thyroid, gluten, and gut-associated disorders.

Too many people are over medicated. If you are taking 3 or more medications, you begin taking drugs to treat side effects of other medications not to mention all of the nutrient deficiencies they cause.

If you are on any medications and you want to know if there are alternative natural solutions for you, schedule an appointment or ask us at your next visit.

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